Hourly Rate Planning Services

Tax and Financial Planning Service

          M.K. Byrne & Co. LLC provides hourly tax & financial planning services to individuals and families. An engagement may range in scope from developing and implementing an in-depth personal financial plan to assisting a client with a specific one-time project or task.

          In most instances, a financial planning engagement begins with an initial Plan Development Phase which may require as little as two meetings or a greater investment of time based on the complexity of a client’s finances. The key plan development steps include reviewing a client’s financial documents, analyzing a client’s financial options, and documenting the plan’s assumptions, decisions, and action items.

          After a plan is developed, it is important to monitor the plan to ensure that the plan stays on track and that timely adjustments are made. For clients who wish to self-direct their plan, M.K. Byrne & Co. LLC offers as-needed planning services, subject to advisor availability.  M.K. Byrne & Co. LLC does not offer tax return preparation services on a one-time or as-needed basis.

Integrated Advisory Service

Wealth Advisory Service

          After developing a client’s personal financial plan, a client may elect to engage M.K. Byrne & Co. LLC for ongoing tax, financial planning, and investment advisory services. 

          As part of the Wealth Advisory Service, M.K. Byrne & Co. LLC works with each client to develop a personal investment program tailored to that client’s unique needs and objectives. 

          Once a personal investment program is developed, ongoing investment advisory services include, but are not limited to, implementing & monitoring the agreed upon investment program; reporting the progress of the investment program at least once annually; and coordinating with clients regarding portfolio adjustments. 

          These investment advisory services would be provided to clients in addition to the delivery of ongoing tax planning and filing services as well as the client’s personal financial planning services.